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Let's not beat around the bush. You want to feel MORE attractive and even SEXIER without your clothes on, in a HEALTHY way. GTFU Body Symmetry takes the body you built with time and dedication, and makes it even better in 16 weeks, from any gym in the world.

Based on the tests from the previous page, you're already fit, but you want MORE! 


You're in shape, but you want a more athletic, balanced, sculpted and symmetrical body.

You may not ever want to step on stage as a bikini athlete, or be a magazine cover model, but at least once you'd like someone to ask if you are!

THIS is the program for women like you.


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Body Symmetry will push your stamina, challenge your strength and take your full body fitness (and how you look) to new levels. You'll feel less stressed, feel more inspired daily and become more accomplished. You will have no doubt what to eat, or how much, to give you that athletic yet feminine look. And you'll learn how to recover and feel relaxed when you need to be.

In short, you'll feel sexy as f***!

The average woman who uses the Body Symmetry program as intended, flattens their belly (up to six inches) and smashes their fitness scores (by 30 reps) in just 16 weeks!


But there's more to life than that. This wholistic 'better you, balanced life' program, designed by a Life Coach, continues with one primary goal in mind: to dramatically improve your life by coaching you into a more positive mindset, better eating habits, a powerfully fluid body and awesome recovery synergistically. These four pillars are the foundation of the Bassa Bassa Body Box System, and along with unlimited 4B coaching, 4B milestone markers and the 4B progressive fitness test, are the keys to not only getting into the best shape of your life, feeling great even with the lights on, becoming #badass, and staying there, but feeling supremely confident about being able to achieve ANY thing in LIVE you want!

The main problem is that most women do the wrong thing for them, too much or too little, and to the exclusion of the other pillars, which leads to negative side effects (poor body image, plateaus, frustration, getting sick, fatigue, pain, weakness). How can you get to where you want to be and the body you want, without guidance and a plan?  How can you know when you're doing the right thing?


As a one-stop-shop, Body Symmetry was created to teach you how to properly integrate and synergize the most important pieces of wholistic fitness, so you get the optimal amounts of everything (symmetry) and can enjoy your life in every which way you choose; while better avoiding the very things that cut the lives of our loved ones short.

No need to have separate bookings for a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a life coach and a sleep coach. It's all included in Body Symmetry.

And it's all laid out for you, step by step! You don't need more information on how to be better. You need clarity, guidance and support towards what you already know, and how to apply it to your unique life.  Here's how it works:

Step 1: Click the link below to book your professional consultation and get your first 4 week program. We'll review your BMI, Body Fat % and Fitness Test results (previous page), together figure out what exactly is giving you those results (maybe not what you think) and determine the best way to go forward so you never have to be where you are again. You should also have your shoulder, chest, arm, waist, hips and thigh measurements handy.

Step 2: Get started! Get your equipment ready and open up your phone!

Rise up as you get your mind right with the Mindset Matrix.

Feed your body through the Nutrition Nexxus meal plans.

Get moving with the Daily Fight Up workout.

And then recover with your personal Sleep Synergy system.


Follow all instructions and communicate with your coach in the app. You have unlimited access to your coach, so feel free to request exercise alternatives, ask for food swaps, send videos for technique reviews and more! And every week, your coach will review your check-in form and touch base on the major key for the week to come. The more you communicate, the more progress you'll have in 16 weeks! 

Repeat daily for maximum success. Not only in fitness, but in life!

Start being more #badass today.

Click below.

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​In Barbados?

Don't have your own equipment? Ask about our monthly drop-in fee.

Want a coach to do full 1-on-1 assessments and testing just for you?

Find out about in-person services (including personal training and group sessions) during your consultation.


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