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IMPORTANT: This nutrition coaching program is best suited for apparently healthy individuals who want to gain, lose or manage body weight and/or change how their body looks and/or performs, but who do NOT need dietary assistance to help manage a disease or medical condition.

Meal Plans by themselves don't work. You know this.


Besides, you're not really here to get one. You know you can get those for free elsewhere. So my guess is that you're here for professional help with your nutrition.

Here, with MPP+, you'll have access to a personal nutrition coach, who will teach and coach you on how to eat towards a specific goal chosen by you.


Meal Plan Plus+ is a fad-free, flexible nutrition coaching approach, which not only tailors a nutrition plan for you, but also focuses on how to make it fit your lifestyle (busy or not), your exercise routine (all clients must have one or be willing to start one) and supports you with the personalization, education, and coaching required to ensure your success. And yes, you can get meal plans with delicious, chef-designed recipes too.

Here's how.

Step 1: Choose an option at the bottom of the page. Once your payment has been received, you'll be contacted by your coach, then given access to the app and all other materials required to get started. Once all your forms have been completed, your coach will book your onboarding call (for about a week after your forms are reviewed).

Step 2: Your onboarding (online video chat). This is when your measurements, forms and food diary are reviewed, after which a personal plan of action (inclusive of an exercise program if needed) is provided. Plans are designed by a real person. If you're not already a client of Bassa Bassa, you will also receive your first monthly recipe book and sample meal plan after this meeting. If you're an existing client, the recipe book is in your resources.

Your nutrition coach will then use online resources (the app, email, voice notes, videos etc) to provide you with support, accountability, guidance and direction through time.

Remember when you failed at sticking to those meal plans or diets? Or got results you just couldn't keep? It wasn't your fault. You didn't have a coach and you couldn't make enough out of all the sense and non-sense floating around.


To fix that, you'll receive weekly personalized video and/or voice messages, based on your feedback as well as what's next for you (lessons, adjustments, assessments etc). On-the-fly unlimited support is also provided to you via the app, which can come in handy for special events, travel or injury.

In short: your nutrition coach analyses where you are in relation to your goal, then regularly reviews your progress towards that goal and follows through with fixes, based on what successes you've had and obstacles you've met.

All of this is to

  1. Solidify your goal and keep it front-of-mind

  2. Guide you through what's stopping you from reaching it

  3. Provide a science-based plan (no fads) including calories, macronutrients and food choices as needed

  4. Make adjustments for you based on results

  5. Remove barriers which prevent you from sticking to your plan

  6. Provide accountability and guidance as you move towards your goal


That's why it's called Meal Plan Plus+!

Now to your investments, currently on sale at 30% less. 

Your onboarding fee is $300 ($400 to include workout design). That gets you set up for your first month with your coach.

After that it's just $250 per month (due the 1st of each month) for weekly coaching, inclusive of any and all adjustments, for two months. Those who need personalized workouts will invest $350 per month.

The aim is to have you fully self sufficient in 3-12 months, based on your starting point, and make sure that  you never have to look back, never have to worry about falling off the wagon, and never have to fear eating certain foods again.

Click join now to reserve one of the spots available for the upcoming month. If bookings are closed, you will not see a payment option.

All coaching is overseen by 

Cary Holder, certified nutrition coach

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