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I only work with online clients who want to completely improve their life and become EXACTLY who they've always wanted to be in EVERY way possible.

Just exercise and diet is NOT enough.

I'll give you what actually works to achieve every life goal, keep your motivation, get rid of fear of failure, eliminate frustration and confidently boost your happiness around how you look and feel (no fluff nor fads)!

This is an online, wholistic, individualized system of lifestyle coaching, with motivational, nutritional, fitness and sleep advice that helps you to actively be happier, and live the more confident, fun, badass lifestyle you've always wanted, no matter how busy you are or what level you're at right now.

- Coach Cary


Actual client showing their glow up!

Need Consistency?

"I exercise and eat well (I think) but I need more structure, consistency and support in ALL areas of my life. I haven't seen results in a while."

My plan provides direction with clear daily steps, as well as weekly accountability to ensure that you're supported and will actually accomplish your life goals.


Actual client showing their glow up!

New Beginning?

"I am just starting and need help with MORE than fitness! But I'm so busy! Tell me... how to start, what to eat, what do I do??

My plan provides day to day, and month to month guidance, from start to finish, so that all your questions are answered and you can achieve the successes you're after.

This process is different.

  • Start your day with clarity, confidence and support

  • Regain your passion, drive and focus around the life you REALLY want

  • Make every workout count without wasting time

  • Enjoy more frequent quality time with family and friends

  • Enjoy more success, as you accomplish every step towards your dream life

  • Quickly learn what meals work and enjoy eating out again

  • End each day feeling accomplished and ready for the next one, KNOWING that you're on the rise

  • Sleep like a baby again and wake feeling refreshed and happy

What's included.

  • Unlimited QAAlity lifestyle coaching via in-app messenger.


  • The GTFU Mindset Matrix: to help you stay positively focused

  • The GTFU Nutrition Nexus: longer-lasting results than any diet

  • The GTFU Daily F**** Up: 'doable anywhere' workouts

  • The GTFU Sleep Synergy coaching: shown to get you your best sleep experience​​​

Fit Man
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What you'll get from the this online coaching process...

  • Balance: gain confidence around food, while still eating what you like, learning exactly what and how to eat to support your healthy goals and a fun life.

  • Assurance: get stronger, fitter and more confident about how your body feels, what it can do AND how it looks naked.

  • Results: remove feelings of 'less than', earn more respect and be more certain of not only your roles, but your vision for your future and being able to achieve it.

Man with Kettlebell

Your 'Daily FU' workouts are:

  1. Professionally designed, tailored and progressive

  2. Doable anywhere

  3. 20-60 mins max

  4. Complete with daily motivation from your coach

  5. One piece of a 4-part system built to make you become more confident, more successful, help you feel even stronger & be more capable in life


The Bassa Bassa Online Coaching system is effective, progressive lifestyle coaching only for those who want a better life NOW!

You are committed to feeling GREAT every day and want to always be secure about how you perform, look and feel, once and for all, even standing naked in the mirror with the lights on.


  1. Stand in front of a full length mirror, naked.

  2. Look at you and tell yourself, out loud, that you're beautiful AND capable of ANYTHING you put your mind to.

  3. Look at each part of your body (front, side and back) and tell it loudly that it's beautiful, and that you love it.

  4. Tell yourself loudly that you're absolutely happy with how you look and feel about your body, how it feels when you move and how much you've achieved in life.

  5. Tell yourself that you've honestly and always given yourself the best chance to get everything you want, with full commitment.

If you're unable to comfortably and convincingly do the above, this program is definitely needed.

You were born to BE and DO do something wonderful! Let's get back to that!

We've been fortunate and honoured to work with some incredible people who trusted our methods, and we've seen so many lives changed for the better, including Miss Universe Barbados 2020, Hillary-Ann Williams.

How do I say thanks to who truly helped get my body into the best shape of my life! Coach Cary worked with me on my physique and getting my nutrition right. Through a pandemic, Cary found cool ways to keep training me via technology (online coaching). When I crossed that stage in Swimsuit competition, I felt powerful, beautiful and in the peak of fitness! ~ Miss Universe Barbados 2020, Hillary-Ann Williams

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Glow Up:

Meghan Theobalds

MUB 2018

LESLEY 4.png

Glow Up:

Lesley Chapman-Andrews

MUB 2017

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Glow Up:

Alicia Scott





  • Q) How is Online Coaching Effective? 

  • A) Client success rates are higher because there's more focus on you and you can do everything wherever you're most comfortable, based on your schedule. No crowds, traffic or waiting.  Even if you travel, you can still be coached with 100% effectiveness. Plus we start with mindset AND it's all customizable.

  • Q) What makes your Online Coaching different from other programs?

  • A) It's based on Caribbean culture, sleep patterns, our food and our mindset. There is a distinctive 'flavour' to our people that is undeniable, and it's all built to accentuate those positives. In addition, your plan takes your personal lifestyle into account when improving your mindset, nutrition, movement and sleep, no matter where you live.​


  • Q) What diet do I need to follow?

  • A) There is no diet as our philosophy is to 'teach you how to fish...'. We provide guidelines for meal plans and choosing the right recipes in a simple format called the Nutrition Nexxus, and coach you through.

  • Q) Do I Need to Cut out Carbs or Sugar? 

  • A) Maybe. It really depends on your individual circumstances, which we won't know without coaching you first.

  • Q) How hard are the workouts?

  • A) They are adaptively challenging, which means that they are made to allow you to challenge yourself enough to feel accomplished, and consistently and rapidly improve, but there are no 'super athletic' requirements.



  • Q) Do I have to meditate? I'm a Christian.

  • A) Our meditations are non-denominational and all-inclusive. However, you can simply swap out the meditations and pray instead. 

  • Q) I'm currently injured/on meds. Can I still start?

  • A) Check with your Physiotherapist/Doctor and be guided accordingly.

  • Q) I'm busy and have no motivation. Will this work for me?

  • A) Yes, IF you are truly committed to achieving your goals, practicing patience AND being honest with yourself first. There is no room for complacency but you'll get help with the motivation.

  • Q) Does this include therapy?

  • A) No. Coaching is not therapy. You will be referred to a therapist if the need arises.

  • Q) Do you do Aerobics?

  • A) All workouts are based on our online Daily FU workouts to give you the maximum results in minimal time, using dumbbells and bodyweight exercises in a circuit format. Sorry, Aerobics aren't part of what we do.

  • Q) How much does it cost?

  • A) This depends very much on your goal and how committed you are, as well as length of service. 

  • Q) How soon can I start?

  • A) Official program enrolments allow for a 1st of the month start. 

  • Q) Can I pay by credit card?

  • A) Yes, we prefer to make it as easy as possible for you to start and will provide a link for you to pay in Barbados dollars if needed. 
100% Money Back Guarantee
This is an online service. At ANY point in time BEFORE your digital materials are sent, if you don't feel like this is the all-inclusive program for you, you don't think we are the coaches for you, you think we are too supportive or that we care too much... what ever reason you have, we will refund the full amount of the program. No Questions Asked. However, there are no refunds once your digital package has been sent from our staff.
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