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This program is an 8-week GYM-BASED weight-loss plan intended for women who have COMPLETED the DROP 30 STAY CURVY NEWBIE program, and wish to CONTINUE on their journey of losing 30 lbs or more, in a healthy way.


This plan builds on what you learned in Level 1 and pushes you towards losing the next 16+ pounds so you can hit that 30lb goal!



  • The full 8 Week Drop 30 Stay Curvy L2 strategy 
  • 2 Meal Plans
  • Over 35 Tasty Recipes (eat what you like)
  • MyFitnessPal barcodes for quick meal tracking
  • Exercise video links
  • The Drop 30 Stay Curvy L2 Metabolic Boost
  • The Drop 30 Stay Curvy L2 Body-Shaping Workouts (for gym)
  • The Drop 30 Stay Curvy L2 Cardio Design (more intensity)
  • The Drop 30 Stay Curvy L2 Core Tightener
  • Access to the Red Dress Body Project Facebook Group
  • Does not include coaching.


Level 2 continues to tackle the ‘metabolic adaptation’ cause of stalled weight loss or weight loss plateaus, often referred to as:

  • metabolic damage
  • starvation mode
  • weight loss resistance
  • adrenal fatigue


Boost your energy, normalize hormone levels and improve your mental well being while continuing to lose weight!


Buy now!

*No refunds due to the nature of the product*.

Drop 30 Stay Curvy Level 2

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