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This program is an 8-week starter weight-loss plan intended for women who wish to start on their journey of losing 30 lbs or more, in a healthy way.


It is best for those over 30 who have either been doing less than 150 mins per week of moderate to intense activity, at least 4 x/wk and/or who have not being eating in a structured way to reduce body fat for an average of 80% weekly.


In short, if you do not know the above and are not losing weight, you're in the right place.



  • The full 8 Week Drop 30 Stay Curvy strategy 
  • 2 Meal Plans
  • Over 35 Tasty Recipes (eat what you like)
  • MyFitnessPal barcodes for quick meal tracking
  • Exercise video links
  • The Drop 30 Stay Curvy Metabolic Reset 
  • The Drop 30 30 Stay Curvy Body-Shaping Workouts (for gym or home)
  • The Drop 30 Stay Curvy Cardio Design (low impact)
  • The Drop 30 Stay Curvy Core Tightener
  • Access to the Red Dress Body Project Facebook Group


Does not include coaching.


This newbie reboot aims to tackle the ‘metabolic adaptation’ cause of stalled weight loss or weight loss plateaus, often referred to as:

  • metabolic damage
  • starvation mode
  • weight loss resistance
  • adrenal fatigue


Boost your energy, normalize hormone levels and improve your mental well being while finally losing weight!


Buy now!

*No refunds due to the nature of the product*.

Drop 30 Stay Curvy Level 1

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