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Bassa Bassa PT Certification & Mentorship

⚠️ No one with integrity and concern for the safety and best interest of others, should ever train their first client without a combination of certification AND experience.

⚠️ Trainers should ALWAYS enter the field with confidence in their ability to get results AND know the business side of personal training, in order to create an environment that is best  for themselves and for their clients.

Course Information

The course begins with an Orientation (90 mins) Saturday Feb18th, 2023 at 2 pm, in person at Bassa Bassa, located in Lower Estate, St. Michael. Dress for exercise and bring water and anything else needed for exercising outdoors (rain or shine).


The course will continue with weekly sessions, for 12 weeks, as follows:


  1. - Interactive lecture & practical, Saturdays, 2-4 pm

    • Weekly review of text material​

    • Introduction & assignment of business building techniques

    • Various fitness tests and physical exercise assignments

  2. - Flexitime Client Experience Sessions

    • "In order to understand the client experience, you must first be a client." - Cary Holder. ​

    • You will be a client for the duration of the course, and be trained using the GTFU method.

    • You will be required to complete a minimum of 3 sessions per week, as a client

    • Sessions will be held Mon to Fri, 530 am and 6 pm

  3. - Flexitime Practical as Coach/Trainer 

    • You will be an apprentice coach/trainer for the duration of the course, using the GTFU method with our established clients during group sessions​

    • You will be required to complete a minimum of 1 session per week, as a coach

    • Sessions will be held Mon to Fri, 530 am and 6 pm

  4. - Opportunities to earn while you learn will be presented during the course.

While not a university level course, it is a diverse, in-depth one. All students will be expected to be adept at absorbing information from multiple sources, and have the ability to quickly apply it.


For proprietary reasons, the other certifications included in the course will not be mentioned until after the course has started.

This course is supported and powered by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Our facility has official standing as a NASM Approved Performance Facility.


The VALUE of our entire mentorship, which includes the NASM CPT and more, is over $6000.


However, due to key partnerships, your tuition will not exceed $4600.

Furthermore, full scholarships and partial scholarships will be available via application through this website. All scholarships are at the sole discretion of Bassa Bassa Inc.

Receipt of a partial scholarship can bring your tuition fee to $3800 at minimum, so everyone should apply.

Even with all this, we understand that the course may still be out of reach for some. Therefore we have sought out options for such persons, and financing is available via FCIB:

You will need to be or become a  client of the bank to access the loan but I am assured that it is a simple process for both, and repayment terms are quite flexible.

Upon graduation you will be a fully certified NASM CPT, and more, with the experience, physical fitness and business savvy to start and run a fitness business competitively. In order to further have an advantage, top students will also receive a rent-free contract with Bassa Bassa Inc.

The application deadline is Feb 11th, 12 noon.

I am looking forward to reading all your applications and assisting you on this journey towards being a true health and wellness professional.

- Coach Cary, Master Trainer


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