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Why life coaching...

Conquer Stress, Break Free from Weight Woes & Rise Like a Phoenix: Exponential Life Coaching for Caribbean Women Like You

Are you living a life on overdrive? High-powered career, packed schedule, overflowing inbox – but somewhere beneath the surface, a flicker of discontent. The stress of juggling it all has left you feeling heavy, both physically and emotionally. You crave a life that's vibrant, joyful, and overflowing with energy, not exhaustion. You deserve to shed the pounds that weigh you down, both on the scale and in your heart.

This isn't about another quick-fix diet or a superficial stress-management technique. This is about transformation. This is about unlocking your inner fire and igniting a journey of exponential growth.

Introducing Red Dress: Project Stunner, your 16-week passport to the life you always dreamt of. 


As your certified exponential life coach, I'm not here to simply listen and advise. I'm your partner in empowerment, your guide on a path to radical self-discovery and lasting change.

Here's the difference between Exponential Coaching and therapy:

Therapy: Focuses on understanding and healing past wounds.

Exponential Coaching: Focuses on unlocking your future potential and creating a life you love.

Therapy: Focuses on problems.

Exponential Coaching: Deals with possibilities and empowers you to break through limitations.

Therapy: May leave you feeling stuck in the past.

Exponential Coaching: Propels you towards a brighter, bolder future.

Therapy is fantastic! Everyone should have a therapist at some point in their lives. But the same should be said for having a life coach!


  • Waking up with boundless energy, ready to tackle your day with passion.

  • Saying goodbye to stress and hello to inner peace and unshakeable confidence.

  • Stepping into your power, shedding limiting beliefs, and achieving goals you never thought possible.

  • Loving the skin you're in, radiating health and vitality from the inside out.

This is your time. Don't settle for a life that's merely okay. Embrace the power of blending Exponential Coaching with fully customized fitness and nutrition, and rise like a phoenix from the ashes of stress and self-doubt.





Weekly Coaching Calls

A full length exponential life coaching call focused on breaking old habits, defeating self-sabotage and creating the mindset shift that will serve your best future, today. The value here is immeasurable and is key to becoming a Stunner.


Bespoke Nutrition

A flexible and progressive nutrition plan, built JUST for you, featuring chef-designed delights. You will also receive a monthly set of recipes each month that we can plug in, based on what you love, and meals cooked for you.


Customized Fitness

A pre-built plan is great.

A customized plan is even better!

You'll get to include all the activities you love doing (dancing, hiking etc) to go along with an excellently curated plan to get you the body you want.

Feeling 'sexy' is not a size. Being in control of your body IS.

You want the body YOU want, as fast as possible, without eating boring food and doing workouts built for skinny girls. You hate feeling weak and unattractive.

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A message from your coach.

The women who raised me are all but gone.

My paternal grandmother passed from cancer and diabetic complications.

My maternal grandmother died from a stroke.

My great-aunt also passed due to non-communicable disease. Her niece, my mother, has her own struggles with her health.

The roles these selfless women have played in shaping me underscores the importance of having someone who can help women be at their best, for themselves and their families.

Red Dress is for you, in their honour.

Cary Holder - Life, Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Simple Phases,

with Premium Coaching.

Red Dress goes beyond a program, giving you the Project Me, woman-centered, tri-phasic system & professional online consultations (coaching) to ensure a younger feeling body.

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