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Want in-person classes?

Saturdays at 5:30 am.

Three sessions per week may seem like too many for a busy parent, professional or student but with one day a week of fun  outdoor activity, you'll finally be doing something for YOU, decluttering your mind AND managing the way your body feels.

PLUS we're community based and accessible to anyone close to the Warren's area. Wear what you want and come as you are. No judgement!

Sessions will be hosted in person, at West Terrace (meet at NCF car park, Saturday mornings).

That's at least 4 classes each month for  just $25/class!

Want it for free?

Body Camp is  a complimentary ADD ON for online coaching clients.

About BodyCamp

Rain or shine, you'll get 1% better every time!

How much better can you get in just 4 weeks?


How long have you been saying you need to lose weight, tone up or get in shape?

Maybe you don't like gyms, or can't fit it into your budget right now. Or maybe you don't feel like competing with the younger crowd. Maybe you don't want to have to worry about being judged on what you're wearing, or the amount of weight you can lift, or how fast you can move...


Or maybe you never found the right instructors with enough experience, education and empathy.

This is why BodyCamp is for you.


Programmed and delivered by an industry veteran, specifically for people over 30, your monthly outdoor group challenges are fun, friendly and tailored for all ability levels, so you can work at an intensity that is perfect for you. We’ll be enjoying fun fitness games without heavy weights, swinging on things, climbing or feeling like you’re competing in the army... Nobody screaming in your ear nor making you carry logs and all that other sh**!

We walk, jog and exercise our bodies USING our bodies, so no need to feel intimidated by crazy exercises or obstacles.


All you need is a backpack and belief!


Start your transformation in a caring way with our supportive community of like-minded individuals who all have the same goal: To get in fantastic shape and live a happier, healthier lifestyle while having fun doing it!


Join us  (no strings attached) and do something amazing for your self today.

Enjoying Nature

Why you'll love it!

Squat Workout


Unwind and Destress

You get an hour of chill vibes with people you actually want to be around, even more so if you join with friends. The bonding that occurs on the walking portion is priceless!


Easy Progress Tracking

Even though you're only using your bodyweight and a backpack, you can easily track your results and measure your progress because we balance consistency with fun and variety.


Weekly Challenge

Every Saturday we'll ask you to dig a little deeper and become more of the person you really want to be. Nothing scary, but it'll be a rush!

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